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Remote Online Notarization (RON): Simple, Secure and Convenient

Updated: Apr 10

Are you wondering what Remote Online Notarization (RON) is all about? RON, short for Remote Online Notarization, is a modern way of notarizing documents. It enables a signer (the person needing their document notarized) to appear before a Notary using audio-visual technology over the Internet, eliminating the need to be physically present with the Notary.

Is Remote Online Notarization Legally Recognized?

You might be wondering if RON is legally recognized. The answer is yes, provided the remote online notarization process complies with your state's notary laws. When done correctly, RON is recognized across all states. Noted by Tani Notary Services has extensive experience in providing RON services, ensuring the accuracy and security of your notarization.

How Does the Notary Verify My Identity Remotely?

Noted by Tani Notary Services employs a highly secure platform with bank-grade authentication, reducing the risk of fraud. This platform uses biometric scanning and forensic ID analysis, making it even more secure than traditional ID verification methods for ink and paper notarizations.

Can You Notarize Documents from Overseas?

Certainly! Noted by Tani Notary Services can notarize documents as long as they pertain to matters within the United States. Using biometric verification, we can help you get your documents notarized, even if you're overseas. If you need to utilize these documents pertaining to U.S. matters in another country, we also provide Apostille Services.

Is the Remote Online Notarization Process Complicated?

Not at all! The process is straightforward. Just upload your document, follow the prompts for ID verification, and then meet with a Noted by Tani Notary in a live video meeting. You only need a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or computer with a working camera. The Notary will guide you through signing the document and will then proceed to sign and seal it.

What Documents Can Be Notarized Using RON?

Most documents can be notarized using RON, with the exception of I-9 verification (which requires in-person identification verification) and documents that specifically demand an in-person witness. The document will clearly indicate when an in-person witness is required.

All other documents can be notarized with a witness on the RON platform.

If you have any more questions about RON, please don't hesitate to contact Noted by Tani at 732-426-0669 or via email at

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